1.A great conservation success story
The All India Tiger Estimation conducted recently has indicated an increase in tiger population to 2226 tigers in India.

The previous estimation in 2010 was 1706 tigers.

The methodology followed was by camera traps.

[b]70% of the world's tiger population is now found in India.

2.The tragedy of Ustad

Ustad the famous tiger from Ranthambhore National Park is alleged to have killed a forest guard on 8-5-15. It is alleged that he was responsible for 3 human kills earlier also.The forest department declared him a man killer and quickly transferred him to Sajjangarh Biological Park at Udaipur.Ustad has aroused a lot of media support with even a cover article on him in a leading magazine.Forest guards feared him after two of their men were killed by Ustad-the remaining two being villagers.Poachers and other illegal entrants onto the park for collecting wood and washing clothes wanted Ustad out of the way as they feared him.It is claimed he did the work of 40 forest guards!

It was unfortunate for Ustad that his territory was along the main road leading to a well known Ganesh temple used by many devotees every day,but particularly on every Wednesday and for an annual mela once a year.Many of these temple travellers travel on foot.It has been said that Ustad never disturbed any one on the road;only those who entered his territory were attacked in four cases.

It is said that Ustad became suspicious of humans because he was sedated many times-for injury to his paws and constipation and fixing and removing his radio collar.

No tiger in recent times has brought broader issues relating to the tiger ecosystem at the forefront on national news and debate on social media.

From a territory of nearly 30-40 sq.kilo meters in the park ,Ustad is now restricted to a cage in a zoo with an enclosure less than that of a football field!

3.Amur Falcons at Nagaland

The Amur Falcons migrating from Mongolia to South Africa and back - a distance of 22,000 kilometers- stop to roost at Nagaland, where they were being indiscriminately hunted 4 years ago.Now the hunting has stopped and Nagaland has become the world capital of the Amur falcons.Another tremendous conservation success story!

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