*Set up a fund with the John Martyn Memorial School,Dehra Dun,to support deserving students from the economically weaker sections of society to complete their secondary education in a boarding school up to the completion of class XII.

*Set up the Hem Mahindra Travel Scholarship to provide an opportunity to St.John's College,Oxford,U.K. students to travel in and experience India.

*Support to Dr.Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital,Daryaganj,Delhi through donations and purchase of equipment.

*Support to Isha Foundation,Coimbatore with specific donations for purchase of photography equipment.

*Support to Kashmir House Bursary Fund for the education of children of Kashmir House Old Boy's at the Doon School,Dehra Dun through donations.

* Support to John Martyn Memorial School,Dehra Dun with specific donations for infrastructure,like computers and a school bus.

* Support to Doon School towards a new modern Smart Class Room at the Main Building.


ashok mahindra supports donations towards education,hospitals,travel and photography.
Ustad,Bengal Tiger,Ranthambhore,Rajasthan