Blackbuck,Velavadar National Park,Gujarat
Malabar Gliding Frog,Amboli,Western Ghats,Maharashtra
Gharial,National Chambal Sanctuary,Uttar Pradesh
Indian Wild Ass,Wild Ass Sanctuary,Little Rann of Kutch,Gujarat
One-horned Rhinoceros,Dudhwa National Park,Uttar Pradesh
Bengal Tiger,Ranthambhore National Park,Rajasthan
Lion-tailed Macaque,Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary,Tamil Nadu
Indian Hog Deer,Kaziranga,Assam
Indian Bullfrog,Amboli,Western Ghats,Maharashtra
Indian Wild Dog,Tadoba-Andhari National Park,Maharashtra
Asiatic Elephant,Rajiv Gandhi National Park(Nagarhole),Karnataka
Indian Peacock,Ranthambhore National Park,Rajasthan
Spectacled Cobra,Socorro,Goa
Lioness,Gir National Park,Gujarat

"Save the Species " Contest (Download)

Select 3 out of 15 Species to Save from my Photo Book.

Ustad,Bengal Tiger,Ranthambhore,Rajasthan

Ashok Mahindra has come out with a Wildlife Photo Book titled "Capturing Wildlife Moments in India". Through 120 photographs,the book highlights the rich heritage and range of wildlife and its habitats in India.The book indicates the continuing threat to wildlife in India and sets out how it could be more effectively preserved.The book lists the National Parks and Sanctuaries visited (over 30), the Wildlife Hotspots and Interesting Places to Stay.The book will be of interest to those involved in conservation,wildlife photography and wildlife tourism.

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Select 3 out of 15 species to save from the following:

2.Malabar Gliding Frog
4.Indian Wild Ass
5.One-horned Rhinoceros
6.Bengal Tiger
7.Lion-tailed Macaque
8.Indian Hog Deer
9.Indian Bullfrog
10.Indian Wild Dog
11.Asiatic Elephant
12.Indian Peacock
13.Spectacled Cobra
15.Asiatic Lioness

The three winners are:

Vibha Malhotra:Link text here...

Arvind Passey:Link text here...

Ada Wiam:Link text here...

The statistics for the most chosen species are as follows:

Tiger 24
Elephant 15
Peacock 15
Gharial 14
Rhino 13