Egyptian Vulture,Panna,2018
Egyptian Vulture,Panna,2018

The rare Egyptian Vulture also called the White Vulture has a pale yellow bill which is long and slender and the tip of the upper mandible is hooked. The adult’s plumage is white with black feathers in the wings. Unfortunately, according to experts, about 60% of the Egyptian Vulture’s habitat will be submerged if the proposed Ken Batwa river project at Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh goes ahead. Many of the nests are located on the rocks on the banks of the Ken River. This is a very important and rare home for these vultures. This photograph was taken at “Vulture Point” at Panna.

The Government of India along with Government of Madhya Pradesh and Government of Uttar Pradesh have planned to link the Ken River with Betwa River. This involves construction of 283m long Daudhan Dam. The project aims to transfer excess water from Ken basin to Betwa basin thus provide water access to the drought prone regions. This construction will cause inundation of no less than 28% of the reserve’s core critical tiger habitat. Environmentalist are afraid that this will adversely affect the population of tigers in Panna.

Another proposal to link the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand by a highway will cut through the iconic Corbett National Park.

We can ill afford to tamper with the core areas of our Tiger Reserves.

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