ashok mahindra's techniques for wildlife photography

1.Aim for the eyes

2.Get down for eye level shots

3.Exposure Mode - Manual with Auto ISO

4.Back Button Focus

5.Use Single point Auto-focus

6.For flying targets move to Group-Area AF or Dynamic -Area AF(25 or 72 points)

7.Decide on the composition first and then move the AF point as close to the eye as possible

8.Shoot in "Burst Mode",at the fastest frame rate for your camera

9.Shoot in RAW

10.Keep the histogram towards the left axis without touching it.Histogram touching the right axis is bad news

11.Set Custom Control Assignments:

* Pv Button: AF-Area Mode + AF-ON/Group Area AF

* Fn1 Button: AF-Area Mode + AF-ON/Dynamic-AreaAF(25 points)

* Lens Focus Function Button:AF-Area mode + AF-ON/Dynamic-Area AF(72 points)

* Sub-Selector Centre: Viewfinder Virtual Horizon

* Multi-Selector Centre Button
- Shooting Mode: Centre Focus Point
- Playback Mode: View Histograms
- Live View:Centre Focus Point

Techniques for Wildlife Photography

with reference to Nikon D 500 camera and Nikon Lens

Ustad,Bengal Tiger,Ranthambhore,Rajasthan